Monday, July 20, 2009

Welcome to our nightmare

The current problems with the economy came crashing down on my family with a vengeance this year. My wife celebrated the new year by having her job disappear, and mine followed at the end of February. The last six months have been quite an experience, going from a household income of almost six figures to living on unemployment. It necessitated some changes in lifestyle that persist even now with my wife recently returned to the workforce. (I'm still looking - know anybody who needs an IT guy and is willing to pay a reasonable salary?)

Anyway, despite our sudden poverty, we've still been eating fairly well. No, we don't drop fifty or seventy-five bucks on dinner out anymore. (not often, anyway) But we've found a few tricks that let you eat well - in or out - without breaking the bank. The purpose of this blog is to share them with you, and hopefully learn some of your own tricks in return.

Let's face it: it doesn't look like Kansas City's economy or the job situation will be improving any time soon, so we'd better learn to make do with what we have. A lot of us came from children of the Great Depression (a few of us even ARE children of the Great Depression) so there's absolutely no reason we can't suck it up and try to get through this mess in relative comfort. You don't have to spend a fortune to eat well; you just need a little knowledge.

You don't have to eat pork-and-bean sandwiches or fried bologna, either. It's quite possible to have the same five-star steak dinner you'd drop thirty bucks on at Hereford House for less than five at home. My wife and I do it all the time. When you want to go out, there are specials available that ease the expense and make your meager money stretch further.

We'll be posting anything from recipes to restaurant specials to where to buy steaks on the cheap. Please bookmark us and check back frequently. Subject to Blogger's terms of service, this is a free speech zone, so feel free to chime in with comments or suggestions.

Bon appetit.

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